Sunday, 1 August 2021

Letter from Myself in 2030 (10)

                                               16, Ottawale Street,
                                               Kwara State.
                                               15th June, 2020.
        Dear Islamiyah,
        I’m so excited to write this letter to you on the evident disposition I see now and at the same time, I’m sore sad that the ideal world that my loving father wished to witness, came to reality behind him. Nevertheless, I rejoice that I’m alive and part of the story line. 
       The divergent views and minds of the world have ever been a scourge and the ember that initiate abrupt conflict and war in the world togetherness. 2030 is a notable year of greater evolution and visible success in the harmonization and fostering of sincere cooperation among the world powers. I never knew cooperation could be so profound and pronounced.  It is never from the sublime to the ridiculous anymore. The United States of America now partner with China and Africans and other countries are not jettisoned.

Saturday, 31 July 2021

Letter from Myself in 2030 (9)

                                              21, Olorode Street,
          Lao Area,
                                              Kwara State.
                      17th April, 2020.
      Dear Hadizah,
I am very sad to write this letter to you my dear 2020. The state of our world is going topsy-turvy. An unseen cankerworm is eating deep into the soft dermis of the world. Who could deliver the world from the secret destruction caused by hatred?
I felt disturbed and melancholy seeing our world being lugubriously whipped by hatred. The entire human race is basking right in the yard of hatred. Every politician in the world has its blood, the stinking blood of hatred. The folks in one political party would never love to see the friends of their opponents thriving. Every sector of the government nurtures hatred, the hatred that has now given birth to complacency and selfishness in them. Tribalism and nepotism have become the order of the day. Prejudice is common among the panel of judges in courts and in some competitions. The White detest the Black race; they wouldn’t admit the Black children in their schools. Sometimes when they do, they’d be separated from the entire White learners in the classroom. Ah! They do this right in the presence of their children; they sow seeds of hatred in their soft mind only for them to grow with the seeds and oppress the black race in years to come.

Thursday, 29 July 2021

Letter from Myself in 2030 (8)

                                         1, Power House Street,
                                 Airport Area,
                 Kwara State.
 3rd June, 2020.
      Dear Precious,
The entire world is crippled and is seriously mourning the demise of a potential and ancient key. I humbly write this letter to you to succinctly tell you the whereabouts of that key that could have saved our beautiful world and united her innocent children.
The lost of the key has caused the death of so many warriors and giants, professors and philosophers─ those that could have lessened our burden and proffered some solutions to the hardship that betide the world. The key is ‘help’, yes I mean ‘help’. The painful death of my father elucidated some chapters of the state of the world to me. I watched my helpless mother writhe in pain and I was feeble to lift her up. I failed several times when I was in high school because I couldn’t afford the school fees. But one thing held me strong to life then─ that's hope.

Letter from Myself in 2030 (7)

                                          27, Kamaldeen Street,
          Omoda Area,
          Kwara State.
                                          7th June, 2020.            
      Dear Fatimoh,
The common saying that pride goes before fall is already in the air that every man in the world breathes in today. The common man and the government have their shoulder pads raised. Hence, calamity’s everywhere in the world. I write this letter to sensitize you of the impending flaws of the world that has ignorantly married pride and the world is on the verge of its fall.
You would think my mother was a prophetess then when she told me an ancient story of the elephant and the rat. The rat went to the elephant and pleaded earnestly that he should help him cross to the other side of the stream. The elephant reluctantly agreed and they embarked on the trip. When they got to the other side of the stream, the rat moved to the head side of the elephant and planted a soft message in his right ear, ‘Oh! We just shook the bridge; we shook it.’ Indeed, they shook the bridge but the legs of the elephant did it all. The world didn’t just come from nowhere; God is at the centre of it all. Every man on earth now stands aloof; they cleaved to their own understanding. No wonder there’s chaos everywhere: in every family and the entire nations of the world.

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Quality Education is Light

 Somewhere so sensitive...
At some tide divested of time... 
Excluding sentiments, vain and vague aura, seated some futuristic students seriously striving to obliterate sinisterism... 
Anxiously and truthfully yearning...
Mourning and longing... 
To taste the relish of the nutriment that Illuminates potential and unearthens latent prowess...

Don't deny them of their nature-given and inalienable right... 
The destiny should never be truncated or damaged by your activities...
Not every student is a lame duck...
Not every poor-performing student is lackadaisical... 
Many a student craves to be taught... 
They long to be better placed on the fluke's lane.
They want to know...

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