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                           THE ECHOS ACADEMY OF MUSIC
                    36, Alhaji Muhammed Jimoh Close, behind Sawmill, Olorunsogo, Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State. Nigeria.  
                                 Training Programs


Do you dream of becoming a professional music artiste who can play up to 3 musical instruments, sing excellently, dance, compose and produce music, and even edit music videos? Then, this is the recommended program for you. The one year diploma program is the simultaneous combination of about 80% of all courses offered in the institute.
 The following are the contents of the program.
1. Learning of three different musical instruments simultaneously
2. Voice training
3. Sound Engineering and Music Production
4. Music Business Studies and Entertainment Industry Expo
5. Theory of Music
6. Artistes Development and Career Guidance
7. Music Video Editing
8. Dance and Complete Computer Training
   Other Benefits
1. Get all training materials FREE.
2. Have 2 tracks recorded FREE for 

Thursday, 21 May 2020

You are welcome to the home of inspiration and fulfillment !


Thanks for your keen interest to get a copy of this intriguing novel

You are however given free access to read through the chapter ten of the intriguing novel after which you will be directed to the links to procure the entire novel and grab the two wonderful bonuses.

                                                   Chapter ten 

Three years later – a year of silence in which Sarah failed in all her attempts to abate Daniel’s life. Meanwhile, while Damilola was an apprentice under a renowned bricklayer in the community; he raped the daughter of his master. The man sent him away and warned him strictly that he must not set his eyes on him again if he doesn’t have a spare soul. And since he knew before that he had never learnt any skill in bricklaying, he had no curiosity for learning; he started working in a bakery near their house─ helping the bakers to mix flour and batch loaves of bread out to customers. He realized money from this job; his mother was unanimously pleased because at every close at work, the owner of the bakery did give away loaves of bread to his workers of which Damilola used to give his mother.
At this time, Daniel had completed senior secondary school – for he was periodically given scholarship, jumping classes and thus made his schooling fast forwarded. He sat for Senior School Certificate Examinations and he performed excellently in all the subjects he registered for. This made him the best student ever to have such a wonderful result from the school. He received many gifts for this from the teachers and the school principal.
Pending this time Korede, Daniel’s mother was down with serious fever. She lost appetite and was admitted in the community hospital.
One evening, Isaac, who was aged, called Daniel inside and said to him ‘now that you’ve finished your senior secondary school and with your good and presentable certificate, I think you need to settle down by now and ponder on how to make your hands busy with something. I am growing old now, feeble and incapable to execute any laborious work on the farm, likewise your mother, who has been indisposed and admitted in the hospital since last month. It’s only the little wages that your brother collect that we’ve been living on. It was yesterday twilight when two young girls together with their parents came here and fortunately I was aestivating under the mango tree outside. I urged them to at least make themselves comfortable, but they refused. At first they introduced the young pregnant girls to me that they are my son’s wives; at that instance, I knew where they’re driving at but with wisdom, I tried to cover it up and denounced their statements. I said my son cannot do this, I trust him – not knowing that I have fueled the burning fire, the women started shouting on me… Oh my God, I was embarrassed, with the help of our neighbours, their annoyance was soothed and I admitted that my son did it all’. Daniel yelled, ‘but papa you shouldn’t have said so; you know how hard it had been for the family to take two meals a day talk less of adding two hands into the family’s emptied bows’. Daniel burst into cry. He continued, ‘but papa, has brother Damilola ever done things like these before?’, he asked. ‘Ah! Isaac exclaimed, ‘even this very morning when I entered his room, I saw him right in his bed fondling Kikelomo, the daughter of one of our neighbours. Likewise this afternoon when he was coming back from work, he came in the house via the backyard.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Why this insult on men?

                            Always on the Run': Rwanda's Street Sellers — Women's Advancement ...
'Too much haggling over price breeds contempt on the buyer especially when the seller is a teenager'.
               It's not uncommon nowadays seeing some teenagers,  mostly girls,  at motor parks hawking groceries and some consumables. Funniest enough are some aged 'daddies' having wife or wives at home with children, playing recklessly,  fondling and touching some sensitive parts of these young girls.
                Fortunately or unfortunately or both,  I witnessed a scenario while while in Secondary school. I was at a motor park after school to drink water from tap,  you know life of students in public schools then in my area ; we don't go home after school; we must wait behind and play football. I was caught at the scene of a pretty and busty young girl conversing with some men,  perhaps those men are yet to get enough passengers inside their buses,  I guessed. This

How time flies...

                                Time waits for no man - Liz Brown Editing

                Put into practice and expedite action on those very decent and skeletal thoughts at the frame of your mind before the time and tide pass away when you will be incoherent to implement on them. 

                 Comfort and pain are the thieves of time not procrastination. When men are comfortable, t invite procrastination, so they do, when they're in pain. They'll pray earnestly and vow to themselves when the pain of the words of encouragement or advice they listened to pickled deep beneath their skin.

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Before you complain and quit…

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Remember that…

  •   some wish to have that Secondary School Certificate/Degree you have but are denied.

  •  some are not earning half of your salary, yet they exist and give thanks to God .

  •   your present office is not your permanent position in life but a link to many better opportunities in your career.

  •   you were somewhere some time earning less compared with your

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

How To Be a Better Student

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Sometimes, studying is not enough to become excellent in school. Attitude towards what you are doing affects your performance as well. Every student can do better or even the best, if only they practice a helpful and healthy routine that would lead them towards success.

Here are 22 ways that will help you be more than just being a “student”.

1. Love what you’re doing.
When you choose a course in college, be sure that you really want it, so you’ll not regret it in the end. It’s nice learning things you love to know. In whatever you do, always enjoy yourself. Studying can be boring, but when you love what you are reading or doing, it would not matter.

2. Be positive.
Always be optimistic at school, you may encounter circumstances that would test your patience and capabilities. When you encounter problems, be courageous to face and solve them. Do not just stay at your bed thinking of your problem – make a move to

Saturday, 19 October 2019

18 ways musicians can make money

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If you’re going to go full-time as a musician, you’ll require some other source of music industry income. Part of the reality of being a working musician today is the need to diversify your revenue streams. The more you can diversify your income, the more lucrative your musical endeavors will be. With record sales in decline, you will need to approach your sources of potential revenue streams with an open mind. But, if you have a good business sense, making money as a musician isn’t actually that hard. A little creative ideas can get you started.

1. Sell Your Music

Digital distribution is a must; you need to be readily accessible through all media platforms, or find a friendly aggregator that places your music all over the net for you or you may choose to set this up yourself.Selling music at shows is also important. You can sell CD-Rs, make sure they are reasonably priced to sell at all your gigs, or online. If you’re pressing physical copies, check out your local record shops to get them in on consignment. You can easily duplicate your CDs without spending much, including printing and a plastic-wrapped case, so most of

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