Sunday, 1 March 2020

Before you complain and quit…

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Remember that…

  •   some wish to have that Secondary School Certificate/Degree you have but are denied.

  •  some are not earning half of your salary, yet they exist and give thanks to God .

  •   your present office is not your permanent position in life but a link to many better opportunities in your career.

  •   you were somewhere some time earning less compared with your

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

How To Be a Better Student

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Sometimes, studying is not enough to become excellent in school. Attitude towards what you are doing affects your performance as well. Every student can do better or even the best, if only they practice a helpful and healthy routine that would lead them towards success.

Here are 22 ways that will help you be more than just being a “student”.

1. Love what you’re doing.
When you choose a course in college, be sure that you really want it, so you’ll not regret it in the end. It’s nice learning things you love to know. In whatever you do, always enjoy yourself. Studying can be boring, but when you love what you are reading or doing, it would not matter.

2. Be positive.
Always be optimistic at school, you may encounter circumstances that would test your patience and capabilities. When you encounter problems, be courageous to face and solve them. Do not just stay at your bed thinking of your problem – make a move to

Saturday, 19 October 2019

18 ways musicians can make money

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If you’re going to go full-time as a musician, you’ll require some other source of music industry income. Part of the reality of being a working musician today is the need to diversify your revenue streams. The more you can diversify your income, the more lucrative your musical endeavors will be. With record sales in decline, you will need to approach your sources of potential revenue streams with an open mind. But, if you have a good business sense, making money as a musician isn’t actually that hard. A little creative ideas can get you started.

1. Sell Your Music

Digital distribution is a must; you need to be readily accessible through all media platforms, or find a friendly aggregator that places your music all over the net for you or you may choose to set this up yourself.Selling music at shows is also important. You can sell CD-Rs, make sure they are reasonably priced to sell at all your gigs, or online. If you’re pressing physical copies, check out your local record shops to get them in on consignment. You can easily duplicate your CDs without spending much, including printing and a plastic-wrapped case, so most of

Nigerian celebrities who have died in 2019

Actor and comedian, LinChung Duke Oliver
Over the years, the Nigerian entertainment industry has lost many talented entertainers to the cold hands of death leaving sour pills in the mouth of their fans as well as friends and colleagues.
So, we have put together a list of notable people which include actors, musicians, comedians and fashion icons that we had to say goodbye to this year.
Actor: Gbenga ‘Burger’ Akintunde, 47
Yoruba Actor, Gbenga ‘Burger’ Akintunde
The Nollywood actor was the first to die in 2019. Akintunde died on Thursday, January 3, after visiting the hospital to complain of malaria.
“You called yesterday to confirm if I would still be

Thursday, 12 September 2019

How to become a successful music artist. You need to know these tips!

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A musical artist is one who can, out of his initiative compose music, record it in the studio and release it to the public; this business is becoming lucrative in Nigeria and Africa as a whole with the influx of classical and jazz music in the market.
Before now, most African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, South-Africa, and others rely on music from the Western world. However, as days evolve, people began to develop an interest in the music industry.
 To become an artist is

How to fix: My Microphone Doesn’t Work on Windows 10

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Windows 10 may not hear your microphone’s audio for several reasons. All the usual PC microphone troubleshooting steps are still important, but Windows 10 contains a new system-wide option that completely disables microphone input in all applications.

Check Windows 10 Microphone Options

Windows 10’s Settings app has a few options that disable your microphone system-wide, in all applications. If your webcam is disabled in Settings, even desktop applications can’t receive microphone input.
This is a bit confusing. In general, the app permissions under Settings > Privacy only affect new applications from the Store, also known as Universal Windows Platform, or UWP, applications. But the microphone and webcam options also affect desktop applications.
If your microphone isn’t working, head to Settings > Privacy > Microphone.
At the top of the window, check that it says “Microphone access for

Review of Top 10 Best DAW Recording Software of 2019

So, you're looking for the best DAW Recording software right now? It’s a digital age, as we all know. No matter what aspect of our lives is it, music studio computers have completely revolutionize it. It is not so different in the music industry either. What used to take days and weeks can now be done in a few hours. The output is also very refined and the ease of use is simply remarkable.
In this guide we will be giving answers to some of the most commonly asked questions by music producers, which software to buy and how to improve your

Saturday, 7 September 2019

7 Simple Mixing Tips to Improve Your Tracks and Avoid Complications

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You’ve hopefully recorded your tracks very well and now the time has come to mix your song. Sometimes mixing can seem overwhelming. You can spend hours and hours jumping from one track to another without any real point and lose your time and focus if you’re not careful.
You have to have a plan a road map to get your mix done in a few hours.
       Here are 7 steps you can follow to get great mixes very quickly.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Get Condenser Pro Audio BM800 Microphone for less than 11k + free shipping from abroad

Hey peep,
I am Tope Ajisafe. I manage a music school with a home studio for practical classes with my students. I had little challenge and frustrating moments with the quality of my vocal output...Guess the reason?...The small dynamic microphone I was using then was 'hell on earth'... I went to a friend of mine who has a standard studio...I saw three condenser mics in his vocal booth. I approached him to help me with one, even if it means paying him instalmentally. He said no qualm...that I should pay #50,000 for one. Ah...! I was thunderstrucked. I shuffled out of his studio bilaterally promised him that I will check back immediately I get the money. When I got home, I searched on the internet throughout the night. But I heaved a sigh of relief when I stumbled on a Generic Condenser Pro Audio BM800 Microphone Sound Studio Dynamic Mic +Shock Mount.
I placed order for it to be shipped from China...for less than #11,000. And fortunately, I got the strong condenser mic delivered to me right in my house within

Friday, 19 July 2019

15 Amazing Benefits Of Listening To Music

If you love listening to music, you’re in good company. Charles Darwin once remarked, “If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once every week.” Albert Einstein declared, “If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician.” Jimi Hendrix called music his “religion.”
Recent research shows that listening to music improves our mental well-being and boosts our physical health in surprising and astonishing ways. If we take a music lesson or two, that musical training can help raise our IQs and even keep us sharp in old age. Here are 15 amazing scientifically-proven benefits of being hooked on music.
1. Music Makes You Happier

“I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing.” – William James

Research proves that when you listen to music you like, your brain releases dopamine, a “feel-good” neurotransmitter. Valorie Salimpoor, a neuroscientist at McGill University, injected eight music-lovers with a radioactive substance that binds to dopamine receptors after they listened to their

Sunday, 23 June 2019

You are welcome!

                           THE ECHOS ACADEMY OF MUSIC
                    @The Apostolic Nursery & Primary School Along Air force Road,                                                                   Oloje, Ilorin, Kwara State. Nigeria.  
                                 Training Programs
Do you dream of becoming a professional music artiste who can play up to 3 musical instruments, sing excellently, dance, compose and produce music, and even edit music videos? Then, this is the recommended program for you. The one year diploma program is the simultaneous combination of about 80% of all courses offered in the institute.
 The following are the contents of the program.
1. Learning of three different musical instruments simultaneously
2. Voice training
3. Sound Engineering and Music Production
4. Music Business Studies and Entertainment Industry Expo
5. Theory of Music
6. Artistes Development and Career Guidance
7. Music Video Editing
8. Dance and Complete Computer Training
   Other Benefits
1. Get all training materials FREE.
2. Have 2 tracks recorded FREE for

Friday, 21 June 2019

The Story of JAY-Z’s Ascent to Billionaire Status, as Told by JAY-Z Lyrics

JAY-Z is rap’s first billionaire, and anyone who has been paying attention to his music across the last couple of decades knew it was inevitable. Through his lyrics, it’s easy to track the living hip-hop legend’s rise from New York City drug lord to the one percent of the one percent.
“You’re coppin’ me like white crystal/I gross the most at the end of the fiscal year than these niggas can wish to” — “Dead Presidents II” (1996)

Before JAY-Z transitioned from rapper to mogul he was trying to transition from drug dealer to rapper. Moving weight was his first trade, and the product sold itself; in Jay’s eyes, so did his music. He invested in himself when he started Roc-A-Fella Records with friends and, before long, he had mastered rap as a hustle, too. For JAY-Z, business always