Saturday, 16 July 2016

Kenyan Police Officer Goes On Shooting Rampage, Kills Six Police

The shooting began 5:20AM local time on Thursday, and
led to an eight-hour siege that led to a standoff with elite policemen who had been flown in from Nairobi.
The shooter, Abdilhakim Maslah, is believed to have committed the atrocity as an act of terrorism.
A separate police statement to the media said the officer, "for yet unknown reasons, went berserk and grabbed a firearm" and started shooting. According to a statement from a policeman, Mr. Maslah wore a "turban that covered his whole face, leading to the previous suspicions" that he was an extremist.

The station commander was also one of those who was killed, according to West Pokot County Commissioner Wilson Wanyanga said.
According to the BBC, a source said that the gunman was unhappy that his request to resign from the police had been denied as he had not served the requisite 10 years of service after his graduation in 2013.
General Service Unit responding to police station shooting

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