Monday, 8 August 2016

Latest Updates on Witheld WAEC Results May/June 2016

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                  Read what to do about Witheld WAEC Results May/June 2016
Following some irregularities that were detected in some exam centers during the May/JUNE WASSCE 2016 Examination. So there were some Witheld WAEC Results.
Now that we know that there are still withheld  WAEC RESULTS OF MAY/JUNE 2016 yet to be released...

A further breakdown of the result was given thus: a total of 1,393,907 candidates, representing 90.26% have their results fully released while 158,718 candidates, representing 9.74% have a few of their subjects still being processed due to some errors mainly traceable to the candidates and schools in the course of registration or writing the examination.
According to the Council, such errors are being corrected to enable the affected candidates get their results fully processed and released subsequently.

Some of these results will still be released as the board is still passing the scripts of the candidates through scrutiny to ensure that the candidates involved actually deserve the they are to get.
If your result is yet to be released, be patient and do not pay any individual any amount of money to help release withheld WAEC Results of May/June 2016 as only the board has the right to do so.
All our readers and fans are advised to hold on to this until new updates from the board about the release of withheld WAEC result of May/June 2016 is out.
The Echosam city team promise to bring you first hand information on the release of the result as the board makes her decisions.
If your were affected or know anyone who was, kindly drop a comment in the box below for advice.

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