Saturday, 20 August 2016

(PHOTOS) Man marries Passenger after 2 years

A Nairalander with username Monicker Brunofarad shared this post.
DEC 31 2014,We met at a my guy’s sister’s wedding in AMANASA UMUCHU ANAMBRA STATE. As my own way of helping my friend in his sister’s wedding….I used my car to take the bride’s maids to the church.
And there she was sitting beside me at the front passenger seat on our way to the church…while the other maids talked and gisted all the way, she sat there and listened, contributing once in a while to the gists…what actually ignited my interest in her is
her reserved personality and the fact that she observes more than TALK….

I kept glancing at her all through the wedding ceremony….it was not until after the wedding that I walked up to her for some chat…..
While we talked I can’t but marvel at her intelligence…then I thought to myself “ no wonder she observes more than talk”
She is a CRITICAL CARE NURSE in DALLAS and a cousin to my guy, we talked about many things from politics to career and dreams, after the conversation I told her am really grateful for the time she shared with me and will love to have a way to contact her later if she doesn’t mind…..she said NO then eventually gave me her mobile number after rigorous debates and persistence from me.

AUGUST 13 2016,
Here we are getting married,it is our TRADITIONAL WEDDING in AMANASA UMUCHU ANAMBRA STATE, this is where love brought us,it has been a fantastic romantic journey all this while..
Thank God for his grace,wisdom and understanding…
“Welcome to my world baby,come grow old with me”
Kisses her lips.
My name is francis am a nairalander with monicker brunofarad.
And am the latest married man arround here.

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