Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Powerful Rules for Handling House Maids

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RULE 1: NO MEAT FOR THE HUNTER :Never employ an house maid if you can not really trust your husband with opposite sex or if he has history of sexual infidelity.An adult house keeper will be better who will come to your house in the morning and go in the night, please don't
employ your Hagar dear sister Sarah.

RULE 2. BEAUTY CONTEST : Never employ a house maid that is more beautiful than you,she may turn out to be your nemesis and take your husband from you. Don't employ somebody that will engage you in beauty contest
RULE 3: BE IN CHARGE: never employ house maid you can not control, two drivers should not be in the same car.
RULE 5: TIME TO FIRE : If your housemaid suddenly become uncontrollable,stubborn and disobedient to you,without your husband seeing anything wrong in it ,fighting or even beating you because of the girl, open your eyes there may be fire in the room, sorry on the mountain. If you lose control of your maid she must gooooo.
RULE 6: COVER- UP : don't ever allow your house maid to wear see-through and sexy dresses in your house. Somebody else ( your husband)may begin to see through her In your absence.
RULE 7: FULLY KITTED: Don't ever permit your maid to be tying towel around the house for hours just because she want to go and take her bath,it is tempting,help your husband,don't ever allow this,in fact your blood  not even be permitted to do it.
Any lady in your house must always be well dressed if they are not in their room,no spaghetti,tying of wrapper without blouse,some girls are so careless that they wear pant and bra around the house,Hey! Sister,the house is yours not theirs don't permit them to destroy it,every lady around you must be fully dressed in your house!this is one major mistake most wives do make at home,don't lose your husband to strange women that are close to you. If you like this article, please share it with your friends by hitting any of the SHARE BUTTONS below. Thanks!

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