Friday, 5 April 2019

Hatred doesn't die!

Never meet my gaze with defiance
Flinch from me and incur an inevitable derision
Genuflect to me and get stucked with contempt
Greet me often, expect less response
Get more response from me,  have a quick turn and behold a faint sneer of satisfaction across my
Satiate me with goodness, sit up for insult
Get wise, speak foolishly
I cannot be satisfied when I am at work
The inevitability of a nondescript darkness in the heart of melancholy foes
Every moment buds off strife in their gloomy look
Never me alone, but sons and daughters of my sire cause the renowned atrocities
We are invulnerable when our sire is at work
What an incurable and aggravating arrow the hatred shoots
It strikes harder than  death

Death culminates existence, hatred lives still after the passing away of man
It leaves an indelible mark of revenge on the generation unborn
I hatred, wrought my actions beyond the comprehension of the sage
With my hood across the face of the prudent, I tangle up their sense with indifference
Their spirits become lofty beyond condescension
They are robed with spotted sancrosanction when amidst of their kiths and kins
I have my subtle impetus on their mothers milk
Though they deem and appear still on the way, but their fan is switched off pending rotation
My hood has deprived them from the correction and aid from others
They cannot be conscious of this, since anyone not in their group is seemed a worst sinner and stark fool to them
With my daughter whose name is Deceit, thoughts of human race are destined for condemnation and destruction
But I hatred, is her vigor
With her action, mans heart are swift to craving transient relish of romance in a strange land
This brings ecstasy than the comfort from the bones of their bone
Oh! My daughter is damn shy 

She evacuates mans heart at the very moment the atrocity is caused
Then, I, her father comes in, bring conditions to normalcy
But stand aloof,  watching the restive and regretful antics of my bridleless victim
With a mere finger, my last born called Lust, controls the life of lads and lasses
My last born is fleet footed, prompt and so agile that she accomplishes her task at a twinkling of eyes
But I her father gives her permit to achieve her desires
She causes distraction on both lads and lasses blurring their vision and causing their dream hard to accomplish
She coats life with transient relish
She bequeaths the lads a drag of life
The lasses incur emaciation and premature
The youngsters will never be contented of me
They want more!
At every strike of my arrow on them, my father comes into their wet heart
Then, they flinch awhile only to see themselves basking right in my vineyard
I, hatred works with reasoning
With vivid permission from my victims, I stand staid holding my countless arrows afore prepared to strike humanity
With my existence, every evil acts shall succeed and all good deeds shall be subdued
Nevertheless, a giant I am yet to conquer
A stronghold I am yet to pull down
She disturbs my emotion
She disrupts my actions and thwarts my plans
It stands against me–quenching my flame and arousing my anger
Anyone who sees Love should warn her
Afterall the whole world is entangled by me

I am welcomed in every household
I am in you; you are in me
Thanks for sustaining my Children
Great is your reward when we shall see at the beautiful and fiery shore of my horrible and blessed master.

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