Wednesday, 3 April 2019

How much do you care about your mother?

When your mum is alive and you did not cherish the fact that she is alive and give her the best treat a good mother should get ,then, you will regret it if anything happens as death is timeless.

You don't need to wait till she is dead before you spend millions to give her befitting burial. I am not wishing any mother death but trying to remind you that death is
so inconsiderate.

Only the motherless can relate well to this because you will only know the worth of your mother when she is no more even if you are taking good care of her now.

You will miss her absence when she is no more even when you are doing the needful now that she is alive let alone when you did not do what is expected of you on her when she is living, in fact, you will regret it.

I am a man and should be talking about taking good care of our father too but let us be realistic here, she carried me in her belly for 9 months after a great moment of love with "him" living her to bear the pains of love making.

This does not mean they do not deserve the best from us too but this post is dedicated to the good women.

Do all you can even when you don`t have plenty to take good care of her and create time out of no time to share some moments with her while she is still alive as she deserves little of your attention too.

Treat them the way you treat the spouse you genuinely love, one truth is that without her you will not even be able to show love to one opposite sex let alone starting a relationship.

I know at times their behaviors, actions or commands might be frustrating but that should not make you misbehave towards those frustrating moments as it will not always be rosy with them just like relationship.

Treat them the way you wish your children should treat you as the blessings attached to giving your mother( and father) positive unforgettable moments are enormous.

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