Sunday, 1 March 2020

Before you complain and quit…

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Remember that…

  •   some wish to have that Secondary School Certificate/Degree you have but are denied.

  •  some are not earning half of your salary, yet they exist and give thanks to God .

  •   your present office is not your permanent position in life but a link to many better opportunities in your career.

  •   you were somewhere some time earning less compared with your salary/earning presently.

  •   God brought you to that place to enrich some lives. Do you even see them? Have you really affected them positively?

  •   you may need to acquire some skills where you are to enable you cross to a better place.

  •   many people crave your lifestyle but are bedridden and hospitalized now.

Don’t be in haste to get to your desired level in life.

Don’t be sluggish to take fast steps when rightly needed in life.

Study the lesson plan of time and tide.

Pray always for a right response to the inertia of life.

Do have a prosperous week!

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