Tuesday, 21 April 2020

How time flies...

                                Time waits for no man - Liz Brown Editing

                Put into practice and expedite action on those very decent and skeletal thoughts at the frame of your mind before the time and tide pass away when you will be incoherent to implement on them. 

                 Comfort and pain are the thieves of time not procrastination. When men are comfortable, t invite procrastination, so they do, when they're in pain. They'll pray earnestly and vow to themselves when the pain of the words of encouragement or advice they listened to pickled deep beneath their skin.

                Get this!  You will agree with me that the best time to actualize dreams is when one is in comfort or in excruciating pain /difficult situations when the brain is better wired to reason extensively and parochially. Most grateful and world discovers/ inventors strike best when they're convalescing at the balcony of the pain or comfort of failure. 

                Don't wait for any better time; it might not come. Grow your activities and actions today to become your habits. Allow the habits to become your character. Who knows, the character may turn out and become your destiny.

           Stop crying that you're waiting on God when God is actually waiting for you to shine.

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