Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Why this insult on men?

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'Too much haggling over price breeds contempt on the buyer especially when the seller is a teenager'.
               It's not uncommon nowadays seeing some teenagers,  mostly girls,  at motor parks hawking groceries and some consumables. Funniest enough are some aged 'daddies' having wife or wives at home with children, playing recklessly,  fondling and touching some sensitive parts of these young girls.
                Fortunately or unfortunately or both,  I witnessed a scenario while while in Secondary school. I was at a motor park after school to drink water from tap,  you know life of students in public schools then in my area ; we don't go home after school; we must wait behind and play football. I was caught at the scene of a pretty and busty young girl conversing with some men,  perhaps those men are yet to get enough passengers inside their buses,  I guessed. This
became fascinating when one of the men held the left hand of the young girl cautiously and said consistently and playfully, 'Ramota, o gbadun ni? ' (meaning Ramota, you're not well).
                The man was carried away and  unpreparedly cuffed the backside of the young girl. Voila!  The young girl turned back in a jiffy and swang her open hand across the left cheek of the man. Surprisingly,  the man couldn't return his,  instead, he was stuttering and said repeatedly, 'ah ah, humh,  ah ah'. The other men around walked close and held the girl's hands when they noticed another advance to duplicate the slap on the man's face.
                Ever since then, I have been wondering and imagining what could breed such insolence and effrontery.
                I also witnessed similar cases during my national youth service in Imo State some years back.
                Most time,  I sat to ponder who to be held guilty: the girl, the men or the society?  Hitherto,  I am yet to get the reason clear.
                Sometimes I notice that some young girls have such inclination and unexplainable audacity to insult elderly buyers (mostly men). They target men that throw their weights around and men who have irresistible desire to stare and perhaps,  feel the tenderness of some hidden parts of these young girls.

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