Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Letter from Myself in 2030 (6)

                                                 16, Olorode Street,
                         Lao Area,
         Kwara State.
                         7th June, 2020.
      Dear Moyinoluwa,
My heart is merry and my nerves are evenly elated to write this epoch-making letter to you and to walk you down on memory lane, of some excited and didactic deeds and lessons that are obviously delivered in this 2030.
The whole world is clothed with daunting mysteries. I wonder what the performance of learners in schools would be in the years to come if by this 2030, most learners are distracted by the use of mobile phones. Some students sleep over on the internet; they use their cell phones until the battery power is drained. Most schools and colleges have now shifted their operations to online pedagogy. Gone are those days when teachers keep track of some stubborn and uncouth learners here and there. Every potential learner is now a tutor in their home; they are subtly exposed to millions of information than some of their teachers, hence, they felt they could stay on their own and learn; they only work to earn the certificate that bears the name of an institution just as evidence to show employers in labor market.
I could remember when the scourge of Covid 19 pandemic on the world became exacerbating and the death toll increased geometrically, religious leaders were sent back home and the world believers could not gather for any prayer meeting whatsoever. Everyone then hanker after reading and perhaps, listening to the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). It’s now in full manifestation; every household now has TV and radios which they hero worship for fresh tidings prior starting their day and at every closing hour at work. That was actually birthed by the Covid 19 pandemic.
Journalists in local and international TV and radio stations are highly paid now and correspondents to media houses earn as much as the University dons and Medical Doctors. This is because, the WHO and NCDC now rely solely on the proliferation of their reports by the media on daily basis. Many students now desperately desire to study some media-related courses in university.
The early marriage which most people gainsaid is now amply embraced. Nobody wants to still have children in kindergarten even after retirement from their professions. Back are those days when some zealous men would vow that they would not settle for childbearing until they have achieved their dreams. Although the regret could be conspicuously seen and read across their faces as they go swiftly moribund to enjoy the yummy fruits of their labor. Sad enough are those that married lately and are still struggling to birth a child hitherto. I was able to ignore their black philosophies; I am a score plus ten year old now and my first born is already in university pursuing his dreams. 
However, I was a devoted youth in my local church about a decade ago. I instructed children and teenagers of the need to keep their soul and body from being polluted by the dirt that the rod of this world splashes daily from the marshes around them. But now, I am an itinerant preacher of the gospel. Nevertheless, I am a graduate of electrical and electronic engineering. I am working on how to moderate the wildness of the manipulations of the world latest discovery, the 5G network. I have been able to make diverse electronic gadgets that contain some modest software and applications to magnetize the hearts of the young ones destined to fulfill the mandate, the great commission.
Finally, I have this message to pass across to you: I never regretted the lessons I learnt over the decade although in a hard way.  I am glad at seeing the drops of my sweat converted to wealth and comfort. I am better paid now in 2030. I wish every futuristic youth stops complaining about their irrevocable circumstances and remain dutiful as they expect the ample celebration awaiting the unflinching souls that believe in the doctrines of possibility and fulfillment of destiny in the morrow after today’s labor and sweat. 
                                                          Yours truly,

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