Thursday, 29 July 2021

Letter from Myself in 2030 (7)

                                          27, Kamaldeen Street,
          Omoda Area,
          Kwara State.
                                          7th June, 2020.            
      Dear Fatimoh,
The common saying that pride goes before fall is already in the air that every man in the world breathes in today. The common man and the government have their shoulder pads raised. Hence, calamity’s everywhere in the world. I write this letter to sensitize you of the impending flaws of the world that has ignorantly married pride and the world is on the verge of its fall.
You would think my mother was a prophetess then when she told me an ancient story of the elephant and the rat. The rat went to the elephant and pleaded earnestly that he should help him cross to the other side of the stream. The elephant reluctantly agreed and they embarked on the trip. When they got to the other side of the stream, the rat moved to the head side of the elephant and planted a soft message in his right ear, ‘Oh! We just shook the bridge; we shook it.’ Indeed, they shook the bridge but the legs of the elephant did it all. The world didn’t just come from nowhere; God is at the centre of it all. Every man on earth now stands aloof; they cleaved to their own understanding. No wonder there’s chaos everywhere: in every family and the entire nations of the world.
Divorce is everywhere. Every house wife doesn’t want to submit to their husband anymore; they wear pride like cloth. Most brilliant scholars in schools then are nowhere to be found today. They’ve incurred failure as a result of their selfish and blind inclinations. Most powerful and arrogant countries are hit with devastating disasters and incurable diseases. They believe and lean on their own very vigor which has brought ignominy on them. Every rich man lives as if death is imprisoned right in their pocket. The poor never wanted to be ruled upon by the rich. Students stand against their teachers; the teachers speak perversely of the government. No one wants to be submissive. Conflicts abound in the national assembly day after day. But God folds his arms beholding the interesting game that we play.
I have always wished to become a successful public speaker and a teacher to inject the blood of humility to the humanity. I cringe daily under burdens to project my views to the inhabitants of the world. And to my present self in 2020, do know that humility is a therapy; it is a medicine that heals and cures the wound of unity; it calms anger and relinquishes conflict and war. It’s a key to development and a magnet that attracts goodness and blessings from God.
Meanwhile, the world rejects the sermon of humility; they claim it’s for the simpletons. No! The fact that you are humble and let go of some hot and conflicting issues doesn’t make you a sycophant neither does it make you servile; it’s all needed in the condiments of making the world our dreamed haven prior the eternal joy that awaits us hereafter. 
                                                      Yours sincerely,

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