Saturday, 31 July 2021

Letter from Myself in 2030 (9)

                                              21, Olorode Street,
          Lao Area,
                                              Kwara State.
                      17th April, 2020.
      Dear Hadizah,
I am very sad to write this letter to you my dear 2020. The state of our world is going topsy-turvy. An unseen cankerworm is eating deep into the soft dermis of the world. Who could deliver the world from the secret destruction caused by hatred?
I felt disturbed and melancholy seeing our world being lugubriously whipped by hatred. The entire human race is basking right in the yard of hatred. Every politician in the world has its blood, the stinking blood of hatred. The folks in one political party would never love to see the friends of their opponents thriving. Every sector of the government nurtures hatred, the hatred that has now given birth to complacency and selfishness in them. Tribalism and nepotism have become the order of the day. Prejudice is common among the panel of judges in courts and in some competitions. The White detest the Black race; they wouldn’t admit the Black children in their schools. Sometimes when they do, they’d be separated from the entire White learners in the classroom. Ah! They do this right in the presence of their children; they sow seeds of hatred in their soft mind only for them to grow with the seeds and oppress the black race in years to come.
The concept of hatred was openly revealed to me in a poem written by one of my teachers when I was in high school. He said in the poem that hatred doesn’t die even after the passing away of man. I believe that! I never could tell the number of times my mother instructed me not to show kindness and goodness to any member of my father’s family when I grow up. She said none of them catered for us after the death of my father. Imagine that! If I didn’t resolve it, the apathy would have been handed down to my children yet born.
When I got the message of hatred clearer early in this 2030, I formed a group in my community and named it ‘the love world’. The vision and the mission of the group are basically to show every individual─ young and old, that they’re important and loved. With time, the members of the group increased in number and today, we go out on love campaign every dawn visiting every household in the community and telling them that the world loves and needs them. Most people go to bed with lump sum of bitterness; they cry all night because of some disappointment and hands of hatred extended to them at some time in their daily activities. But telling them the world loves them has a lasting and ripple effect on their minds whenever they ponder on their gloomy past.
My dear self, I wish to give you some lines of the poem that my teacher wrote. Please read the lines carefully.
‘Death culminates existence;
Hatred lives still after the passing away of man. 
It leaves an indelible mark of revenge on the generation unborn. 
I, hatred, work with subtlety. 
With countless arrows afore prepared to strike humanity. 
And with my existence, every evil act shall succeed and every good deed shall subdue at my stand. Nevertheless, a giant I am yet to conquer. 
A stronghold I am yet to pull down. 
She disturbs my emotion. 
She disrupts my actions and thwarts my plans. 
She stands against me, quenching my flame. 
Anyone that sees Love should warn her’.
It is obvious that the only antidote to every menace and catastrophe in the world is love. And that has been my message to the entire human race and particularly to you, my dear Self. If anyone ever wanted a rapid development in any society, if anyone ever desires longevity without sorrow, if anyone ever longed for fulfillment and ripple impact in life, let the person embrace the doctrines of true love and live by them. The entire world would smile again, if we allow love to lead.
                                                             Yours truly,

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