Sunday, 1 August 2021

Letter from Myself in 2030 (10)

                                               16, Ottawale Street,
                                               Kwara State.
                                               15th June, 2020.
        Dear Islamiyah,
        I’m so excited to write this letter to you on the evident disposition I see now and at the same time, I’m sore sad that the ideal world that my loving father wished to witness, came to reality behind him. Nevertheless, I rejoice that I’m alive and part of the story line. 
       The divergent views and minds of the world have ever been a scourge and the ember that initiate abrupt conflict and war in the world togetherness. 2030 is a notable year of greater evolution and visible success in the harmonization and fostering of sincere cooperation among the world powers. I never knew cooperation could be so profound and pronounced.  It is never from the sublime to the ridiculous anymore. The United States of America now partner with China and Africans and other countries are not jettisoned.
        There is a particular belief that exists in most family, especially in Africa, that after the parents are able to sponsor their children education and the children finished schools, the parents would sit back and enjoy the rewards of their labor. Reverse is the case today. The parents still stake the responsibility of their children even when they set up their own family line, the parents still provide for them till death do them part. My very on father is a typical example of this; he sponsored and supported me till I got married and death took him away.
       It is however evident today that the insurgency and robbery that were pronounced in the world have greatly vanished because every one has a good and profitable job; the economy of the world is favorable and the country people in Diaspora are back to their various countries since the bad economy that initially pushed them out of their countries is greatly flourishing and favorable. Hence, the standard of living is higher and moves in proportion to the ample resources of the world.
The struggles and pain under which my father cringed have paved the way for visible comfort. I am a barrister today and I flourish in my profession. I am married to a successful farmer and together, we build and amplify the greater production of food for the entire world populace.
I purposed earlier in life to marry a farmer. Though I wished to be a farmer but my father suffered in the hands of so many evil men who scammed and stripped him off his wealth. My father was a stark illiterate; I decided to prove my father’s latent intelligence to his afflicters by showing the world that the seed of greatness in one’s illiterate parents can grow and bear good fruits in the life of their children.
I can never forget the message of the song that my father used to sing every evening after dinner. He would sit amidst his family to engineer our minds to the ideal world that he had as his hope after his parents suffered in abject poverty and they couldn’t pass unto him, any substantial heirloom. It is a song of hope. Here are the lines of the songs:
‘My future is secured and my vision is sustained,
I am fortunate; I have the hope; I have the means.
I have the stars to beautify my sky:
My beautiful and futuristic children,
Bred to give rythym to my vague whispering.
 I am on my way to the haven,
The haven of a perfect world;
The beacon of our hope; the ambience of joyful sojourners,
Where peace is the emperor and comfort answers for all.
Unity is the folks’ watchword.’
       I felt so sad today that the unity of the ideal world that my father dreamt of now came to existence behind him. Our lifestyle today has much to tell on our tomorrow. I beseech you my dear 2020, learn and imbibe the doctrine of unity; get drunk of the wine of unity. We can achieve and succeed the more, so long the world exists and dwells right in the web of the unity.
                                                             Yours truly,

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