Many years ago, there lived in the community of animals, Elephant and Rat. The Elephant was the biggest and the most respected animal. He lived in big mansion and in luxury. Every animal regarded him. Meanwhile, there was a town close to the animals’ community. The town is occupied by great men of valour; they’re rich and subtle. No animal has ever visited the town except Elephant. This is because of a long suspended bridge between the animals’ community and the rich town. The tiny legs of the animals didn’t enable them cross to the other side of the bridge that’s built with spaces in between the mesh of it’s tied woods. One day, Rat summoned courage; he went to meet the Elephant. He pleaded with him to carry him on his back to cross the bridge to the other side. At first, the great Elephant was angry and later felt something fishy; he knew how proud and supercilious the Rat was. The Elephant later succumbed and agreed to help him cross to the other side of the bridge…

He instructed the Rat to climb his back; the Elephant lowered his long trunk for the Rat to ply to his back. 

The Rat was super excited. They both embarked on the journey across the bridge. Rat started shouting and waving his hands to the other animals. He slipped close to the ears of the Elephant and said, ‘whoop! We shook the bridge!’. Elephant was sore angry. When they finally got to the other side of the bridge, the Rat jumped up and started shouting across the streets of the town, ‘hey peeps, we shook the bridge, we shook it !’. Elephant then looked stupid before the entire inhabitants of the town. 

He was derided for stooping so low to comport with the little and arrogant Rat. The Elephant shamefully left the Rat behind in the town. He cross to the other side, to the animals’ community. Rat was afraid. The whole residents of the town detested the Rat and planned to kill him. 

He quickly went to hide and never came out till today. No one sees rat in the open place without making attempt to kill it.

Moral lessons

1. When God put you in good position and increase your wealth, never think it’s by your power or wisdom to create… It’s God that’s actually causing the sound of your legs that hit the bridge to be heard. You’re feeble to create and achieve that feat; God is involved. God is the reason behind the success, He’s behind the victory. Give the glory to God who carries you on His back to cross the fearful suspended bridge to the other side where you’re amply celebrated by everyone.

2. Arrogance divests one of respect and dignity. Be humble !