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1. ____ you go to the theatre is a matter of personal preference.


2. ____ the dog bit the stranger although it looked very friendly.


3. You should give me ____ information about his identity in case I don’t recognize him.


4. He is very punctual. He is ____ on time for school.


5. He ____ committed the crime, but the evidence is not convincing.


6. I can ____ remember his name, it’s been years since I spoke to him last.


7. The criminal, according to the average man, is simply a scoundrel who has ____ chosen to break the law.


8. He has been living ____ since the war started in his country.


9. The judge sentenced him to be executed as he had ____ attempted to kill a man.


10. He can run ____ better than I do. He is a professional


11. Most scientists admit that it is not ____ possible to build the Pyramids in those ages.


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13. Our English teacher is like a dictionary because he is said to be looking up a dictionary ____.


14. This room is not big ____ for both of us to study our lessons.


15. What have you done ____?


16. So, if this is the best that can be said for liberty of opinion, that a man must tolerate his opponents because everyone has a “right” to say what he pleases, then we shall find that liberty of opinion is a luxury, safe only in pleasant times when men can be tolerant because they are not deeply and ____ concerned.


17. It is misleading to suppose there’s any basic difference between education and entertainment; this distinction ____ relieves people of the responsibility of looking into the matter.


18. “He ____ eats meat” means he doesn’t eat meat at any time habitually.


19. ____, he was that sort of a man who was not suited for this job. He couldn’t succeed.


20. ____ he is a good runner but I have never watched him run a race.


21. ____, we managed to reach the top of Mt. Everest.


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