Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Letter from Myself in 2030 (6)

                                                 16, Olorode Street,
                         Lao Area,
         Kwara State.
                         7th June, 2020.
      Dear Moyinoluwa,
My heart is merry and my nerves are evenly elated to write this epoch-making letter to you and to walk you down on memory lane, of some excited and didactic deeds and lessons that are obviously delivered in this 2030.
The whole world is clothed with daunting mysteries. I wonder what the performance of learners in schools would be in the years to come if by this 2030, most learners are distracted by the use of mobile phones. Some students sleep over on the internet; they use their cell phones until the battery power is drained. Most schools and colleges have now shifted their operations to online pedagogy. Gone are those days when teachers keep track of some stubborn and uncouth learners here and there. Every potential learner is now a tutor in their home; they are subtly exposed to millions of information than some of their teachers, hence, they felt they could stay on their own and learn; they only work to earn the certificate that bears the name of an institution just as evidence to show employers in labor market.

Monday, 26 July 2021

Letter from Myself in 2030 (5)

                                 34, Ajibike Ayorinde Street,
                         Kwara State.
         7th June, 2020.
      Dear David,                                                                  The words of Thomas Jefferson always hunt my dampened mind that the dream of the future is better than the history of the past. The world evolves at a pace of time and its elements assume definite shapes as they meandered via several years of failures and successes and through ups and downs of life, the passion of man never halt dancing to the rhythm of evolution from which innovations and comfort are procreated.
About a decade ago, precisely in 2020, the world technology climbed a bizarre rung in the ladder of sophistication. The 5G communication network was birthed and in a grand style with full advantages and disadvantages. But its advantages pacified the quest of man to lambast its disadvantages. Now, man has greater flexibility to a sophisticated audio-visual communication with full emancipation and dynamism in several sectors: economic, educational, and communication wise among others.

Sunday, 25 July 2021

The bitter truths about life

 Life ain't confusion neither is it an abode of doom as devil/your status quo positions it to you in its pseudo-mirror... 

The fact that you're sad,  rejected,  abused,  disdained... today doesn't implies misfortune... Remember,  some folks know you better than you do...you doubt that?...

The moment the trials and ordeals become tough,  know that comfort is near... 

You need to watch your actions because they can metamorphose into habits; your habits grow to become your indelible character... watch!... the character can grow wing and eventually become your destiny... 

Great men of old studied time as a course in the university of daunting life... 

Remember,  this life has no part two... Fervent prayer,  industry and discipline really work... 

But grace takes care of it all !

The hardest lesson I learnt with tears in the classroom of life has been 'WAITING'... waiting....

Letter from Myself in 2030 (4)

                                      17, Onikaun Compound,
      Agbojulogun Street,
                                      Kwara State.
                              7th June, 2020.
      Dear Elisha,
I ought to have written this letter to you about a fortnight ago; I was cumbered with diverse soccer fixtures in about seven different countries across the globe. I vividly know that you’re glad to hear that! That has been your earnest prayer: to see me doing well and heightening my career in foot balling.
I have for long, wondered a better career that can pay one weekly, some millions of dollars in the world. Actually every passionate young ones that assiduously longed and worked to pursue their career in sports, hit it big and are aptly celebrated today. It all started like passion, when I was in the high school, I represented the school in some big soccer competitions where I scored several goals and won medals. I never stopped, I went for training everyday and I spent a good amount of money to procure some sport skits and made subscriptions to some football channels on our satellite to watch some secrets of the world-acclaimed footballers. It all pays better now in this 2030. I have procured several acres of land and the name of my real estate is not uncommon in the country. Indeed, no pain, no gain!

Letter from Myself in 2030 (3)

                                           6, Gbagba  Area,
                                                 Kwara State.
                 9th June, 2020.
        Dear Margaret,
I have stood agape several times to ponder on the dynamism and the pace of change that our world witness in such a mysterious and misty way beyond the scope of the sage and the saga of the world class philosophers and astute professors that understand the unit of meme and the harbinger of every step towards the entropy of the future. In retrospect to the datum inferred from the working of tide and time, I could vividly hold my equivocation and affirm that our actions today can grow to become our habits, the habits when fully developed, can become our character and the character can metamorphose and become our destiny.
As a result of the swinging vibes of man cum the extemporaneous and ad hoc circumstances that man faces daily, everyone thus needs some light amusement, some jokes and some words that can relax the pulled muscles as a result of the wrong motion of man’s projectiles as he wonders in life. Everyone ventures into comedy. Comedy skits are not uncommon as they spread on every social medium. These comedians were once looked down upon in the society but now, they rule and command wealth. They have pretty mansions in most lovely cities in the world and their children are doing well in some expensive schools and colleges in the world. If I tell you that I have also earned some bucks from creating some comedy skits, you may not believe. Every young and old is now to making comedy skits; it has become a profession; it will continue to sell so long the world exists.

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